What an Archetypal Astrology Session Can Help you With

  • Helping you to better understand your Life Purpose and Life Task(s)

  • Looking at your soul contract (your birth chart) through an archetypal lens, which can help you re-frame your story, and understand your journey in a deeper way than ever before

  • Aligning with your Guiding Goddess Archetypes

  • Making more conscious choices

  • Providing guidance, perspective and clarity of direction (although your decisions are always up to you)

  • Shining a light on hidden patterns that may be preventing you from living your best life

  • Validating your talents, strengths, and gifts that you may or may not be aware of

  • Illuminating an overview of past life themes, soul memory and the evolutionary intent of your soul in this lifetime. Please note: exploring past life themes is always within the context of gaining clarity in this life now

What I can't help you with

  • Predicting the precise timing of specific events: Astrology can outline the themes and opportunities of a certain time frame, but the way energies manifest in your life depends on your choices and consciousness. You are always in the driver’s seat of your own life.  We are constantly shaping and re-shaping our “destiny” by the choices we make every day

  • Readings of a “psychic” nature. Although I am highly intuitive, it is not my intent to deliver “accurate psychic predictions"

  • Legal, medical, and financial issues

Q. Can I bring a friend with me?

Sessions are one on one. An Astrology reading is in essence, a single counselling session, and often sensitive and private material comes up. No matter how close you and your friend/family member are, having your reading observed will subtly change the outcome of the session. You are welcome to record your session, and share it with your friend later if you choose. 

Q.Can I still get my chart done if I don't have my birth time?
(AKA - "My mom thinks it was sometime in the morning")

Birth time is very important in casting a chart. It's one of the things that separates you from every other Aries or Scorpio on the planet. Your birth chart is like your fingerprint, completely and totally unique to YOU.  If you are going to invest the time and resources to get your chart done, it really is worth it to get your correct birth time. And, let's face it, the time is not usually the first thing a new mama has on her mind after bringing her brand new baby into the world. (I waved the doctor out of my way so I could see the clock, and demanded the time before I even asked what my son's gender was! True story - but I am an astrologer after all ;)

Many clients phone the records department at the hospital they were born at to get their birth time. Sometimes, a client absolutely cannot get their birth time: the hospital no longer exists, they were born in another country, or they were adopted. In this case, there is a method we can use, and still do your chart, and you will still get lots of valuable information.