Reading List
In the almost 30 years I have been studying Archetypal Astrology, Mythology, Jungian psychology and various other modalities, I have come across some pretty amazing books and authors that I highly recommend, and I'd love to share a few of my favorites with you.  All of these books have informed my work and inspire me in a lasting way.  


The Inner Sky  - Steven Forrest
The Changing Sky - Steven Forrest
The Astrology of Midlife - Erin Sullivan
The Astrology of Family Dynamics - Erin Sullivan
The Gods of Change - Howard Sasportas
Aspects in Astrology - Tompkins
The Astrological Neptune and the Quest for Redemption - Liz Greene
The Magic Thread
- Richard Idemon
Healing Pluto Problems - Donna Cunningham

Archetypal Psychology

Women Who Run with the Wolves - C.P. Estes PhD
Goddesses in Everywoman - Jean S. Bolen PhD
Goddesses in Older Women - Jean S. Bolen
Gods in Everyman - Jean S. Bolen
The Red Book - C.G. Jung
Man and His Symbols - C.G. Jung
Memories, Dreams, and Reflections - C.G. Jung
He, She, and We - Robert Johnson
Leaving My Father's House - Marion Woodman
Through the Dark Wood
- James Hollis
Change Your Story, Change Your Life - Carl Greer
A Branch from the Lightening Tree - Martin Shaw


The Hero with a Thousand Faces - Joseph Campbell
The Power of Myth - Joseph Campbell
The Hero's Journey - Joseph Campbell
The Golden Bough - James George Frazer