Mary M. Brown

Long Beach, California 04/20/15

I was truly amazed by all the work that was done by Danielle before, during and after my natal reading.  I had originally sought out Danielle because I was at a crossroads in my life and was unsure of the direction I wanted to take in my business/work/career going forward. 

My natal reading was very insightful and many things that Danielle told me coincided with the feelings I already had experienced deep in my soul.  She gave me many great ideas to think about going forward that touched on all aspects of my life - not only my career/work life. After the reading I received a hard copy of some of the things we discussed and an assessment of the next six months of my life, questions to think about going forward (life coaching) and also a file of our recorded session so that I could re-listen to it.  Danielle more than met my exceptions with this experience.  I would highly recommend her and I will definitely be doing another session with her again in the future.


Kailee O.

New York, New York


Danielle is really an incredible astrologer and guide. My sessions with her have given me such a sense of guidance and clarity, as well as helped me to remember my purpose and trust in my intuition. I feel that she really cares about the people she works with and her feminine strength and support come through very clear, even just over the phone! I am truly grateful for having gotten in contact with her.

I highly recommend Danielle if you are looking to understand the larger picture of your life and regain a sense of purpose. Also if you feel foggy, uncertain or unclear about any life situations that need some light shed upon them or just need answers to important questions. She makes what is very complex clear and easy to understand and her readings are very precise. She sends you all of the information you need to know as well, and I have found that each time I go over my notes from her about transits throughout the year, everything is extremely accurate and on point!

I read some of the other reviews and would like to quote one other reviewer, Eveline Zenith, because she expresses so eloquently and poetically what I feel the very same but did not have the words to say. "...It gives me more than hope. It reminds me of the gifts and wisdom that are already inside, growing and maturing as I continue, reassured, along my path. It's beyond wonderful to be witnessed in such a deep way, and to feel connected to the mysteries."

Danielle thank you! I really look forward to continuing my contact and communication with you in the future!

P.S. Her articles are highly informative and fascinating as well, check them out!


Vancouver, BC


Danielle Blackwood is truly an exceptional Astrologer. I've been to see a number of other Astrologers in both the US and Canada and my experience with Danielle by far surpassed my expectations.

 I had a reading with her earlier this month (just before my birthday) when I was in Victoria. I immediately felt welcomed and at home. The atmosphere was relaxed and warm. Danielle guided me through my natal chart and then described how the current planetary actions are affecting me - from the recent past, to the present, and then into the future.

I can't tell you how much I took away from the reading, really. Danielle took care when talking about anything difficult (for which I'm grateful). I was able to make sense out of a lot issues that are going on for me now. She's clearly very knowledgeable, not only about astrology, but also about psychology and mythology too. Going through the process brought up a lot of things about where I'm at in my life and where I'm taking things. I feel much more reassured and inspired about what I'm creating in my future, both professionally and personally.

Colleen B.

San Francisco, United States


Danielle is a wonderfully warm and intuitive individual.  She also happens to be a fantastic Astrologer who manages to be both professional and welcoming.  She has done my natal chart and I have made it a habit the past two years of getting my transits and progressions for the coming year.  I live in San Francisco so our meetings have been over the phone but that has not been an impediment, particularly since she emails me her notes afterwards.  If you're curious about your future or need help understanding something that's happening right now you would definitely be wise to get a reading from Danielle. She won't disappoint!

Ali I.

Vancouver, BC


Danielle is one of the most talented astrologers and tarot card readers in the city. She has the power to unveil advice and insight that is on point and applicable to life situations. I recommend seeing her for your readings as she makes you feel comfortable, at home and very positive while doing so.

Christa M.

Vancouver, BC


I have been working with Danielle for over 6 months , her coaching and spiritual counseling has helped me make more concrete decisions and I now live my life to it's fullest potential.

Andrea F.

Vancouver BC


I received a reading from Danielle in a particularly difficult time in my life. I felt like I was struggling constantly and unsure if the coming months would bring the changes that I hoped. She was very caring and also clear in what the cycles ahead meant and as the months progressed i found the insights she shared very useful. There was also one particular decision that I had been postponing (it didn't seem like the right time and I didn't want to force it) but her reading made me realize how much it really meant for me... afterwards I talked with my husband and shared what I learnt. He supported me in going forward with it (even though it meant many changes had to happen) and it has brought so many positive changes for both of us!

I felt a sense of clarity and confidence about where I should invest my energy after seeing Danielle, and will definitely go back and see her for my "Assessment of Timing and Trends" updates

Tania V.

North Saanich, BC


My astrology and tarot card reading with Danielle was extremely enlightening and I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a qualified and accurate astrologer. She is also a very warm person and the atmosphere she provides is relaxing.

I was seeking an astrologer to help me figure out the direction I should take my life after going through some very significant changes over the last two years which involved the end of a relationship, the purging of many of my belongings and embarking on two major journeys outside of the country. After returning I had questions about what it was all for.

Without supplying her with specifics, Danielle prepared my chart which included a package explaining future planetary progressions. She did thorough research and wrote out some notes ahead of time as well. Her interpretation of my chart was extremely accurate and her prediction of my future helped answer my big question. The notes were already written down before I arrived. I was amazed at what she was able to pick out about me. It was uncanny.

Danielle also went above and beyond for me providing me with a special meditation and a new moon ritual I can do.

You really don't have to look any further. You'll be amazed!

Rachel S.

Victoria, BC


I couldn't be happier with my session. I write this review as a curious skeptic.

For those not interested in an overbearing amount of "mumbo jumbo," Danielle is your woman. Her approach to astrology is one akin of a guidance counselor. She didn't waste my time talking about how according to Venus I will meet a man who will have a great significance in my life.... and instead focused on the planet's alignments and how I can take advantage of their gifts to grow in different aspects of my life. I found this extremely practical and encouraging.

Her advice was both profound and logical. Her knowledge is great, and she leads you along at your OWN pace. Overall I couldn't be happier with the guidance she's bestowed upon me, and I look forward to visiting her regularly to help guide me in this next year of my life.

Curiosity, peaked. Skepticism, quelled.

Camery P.

Union Square, San Francisco, United States


Danielle was excellent for our very first birth chart reading. We also had a couples' reading based on our charts. She was extremely knowledgeable and intelligent in her explanations and discussions, and we felt at ease with her from the very start. We left with a handful of papers to read, and a ton of new insight. We recommend her whole heartedly!

V H.

Qualicum Beach, BC

5/20/2014 Updated review

I recently had another tarot /astrology combo with Danielle.  Always so revealing and spot on. Danielle's readings never fail to put me back on track!  I feel like I am getting a life tune-up when I see her.   Some people have councillors and life coaches, I have Danielle!  Thanks again, Danielle!

Linda W.

Richmond, BC


Thank you so much for the reading and for taking your time creating all the detailed info for me. I really appreciate your professionalism and your business. I will refer more friends to see you and spread the words for you. It is hard to find someone who can actually read me and give me the accurate indications.

April M.

Vancouver, BC


Danielle is a gifted Astrologer and Tarot Reader. She is a natural teacher and will explain Astrological principles so they are understandable to someone who is new to the discipline.  She is warm and welcoming and helps you to understand how Astrology and Tarot Archetypes can be ways to see the patterns unfolding in your life, and how to utilize these tools so that you can transform your life and take hold of your 'destiny'. She is also very good at helping you see how this can be done in an everyday life practical way.  She will transform a skeptic into a believer with her grounded perspectives. 

Danielle's studio is also a beautiful and magical place so one can shed off the cares of the day and be transported into a space of loveliness.  I highly recommend seeing Danielle if you are new to Astrology, or are a veteran to this study and want to dig deeper into your chart or see what the Tarot symbols hold for you!


Vancouver, BC


Amazing! It's all I can say to start with. A reading done by Danielle is like a reading done by a very trusted friend. She brings a unique interactive process to her tarot reading. As Danielle carefully analyzes multiple aspects of the cards that come up in the reading, she also engages her client's own intuitive reactions in order to provide a truly informative and delightful experience. She gave me guidance with her beautiful calm energy and gentle words which helped me so much in understanding how to take away my worries. She gave me hope and created such happiness in my heart. I was so impressed by the astrological analysis! It filled me with optimism where I needed it and cleaned the mirrors of my mind in many ways, very inspirational. I really appreciated the way she delivered the information. I recommend her highly to anyone who wants to see what astrology can really do in the hands of a profoundly gifted reader. Thank you for being an earth angel and helping people Danielle.

A M.

Vancouver, BC


I had a tarot reading with Danielle and she was absolutely amazing and spot-on with her predictions. She was very personable and easy to talk to. I originally discovered her through her astrology predictions on the Banyen books newsletter, and began following her on Facebook. Her predictions were so spot-on, regardless of the sun sign. I decided to see her for a tarot reading and she was even better in person! Will definitely be seeing her again, and am proud to call her a friend!

R. Cooney

Vancouver, BC


Just want to say thanks so much for the reading you did for me the other day. The information you gave me was really reassuring and very helpful. I even felt a emotional release during our reading as I let go of some of that anxiousness and intensity that was building up.

Everything that was said was clear and concise and resonated strongly with me.
In the future, if I need another reading, I will not hesitate to call you.

Thanks Danielle.

J. Stewart

Vancouver, BC


It was a pleasure to meet with you and have a reading.  WOW, some things in my chart that I had no idea was available to me and for me... Thank You!


Vancouver, BC


I would like to thank you very much for the reading yesterday.  You helped to see the positive side of live and realize my potential and my dreams again.  Also, I enjoyed talking to you.  Your uplifting, positive and very bright.  Your enjoyment of life and your flexibility of viewing life and all sides and depth that it can bring is very refreshing.  Your in-depth view of  life and it has to offer is the most interesting part of talking to you. I will definitely recommend you to my friends. Thanks again - you have given me the energy and hope to press on."


Vancouver, BC


Danielle was fantastic A warm and inviting atmosphere. I was able to relax and get the true answers I was looking for.

R. Marsh

Vancouver, BC


Danielle investigated what I wanted to focus on and created a far more complete picture than I could have anticipated. I found the experience to be really positive. It really fit me and showed me different strengths to focus on. Areas of my chart that I saw as negative were shown in a different light. Also Danielle was really open about explaining and sharing information about astrology. So I left with a better understanding of astrology. Throughout Danielle was really clear, kind and understanding. I get my transits updated by Danielle yearly.


Vancouver, BC


Danielle thank you for the confidence in my path – the reading helped to reaffirm all that I’ve done and all that I want to do! I feel like I can move forward in a positive light!


Vancouver, BC


Danielle is a perceptive, compassionate practitioner with a great breadth of knowledge about astrology.

M. McMahon

Vancouver, BC


Thank you Danielle for doing such an amazing job with my chart and for spending so much time and care going over it with me.  I think I’ll be reading it over and thinking about it for some time!

S. Johnson

Vancouver, BC


Danielle’s Tarot reading was so insightful and to the point! It was eye opening and I would highly recommend her.

Laura M.

Vancouver, BC


Danielle really re-confirmed thoughts that I had been feeling.  It was a great validation of the choices I know I need to make. 

Michaela F.

Vancouver, BC


Thank you so much Danielle you made me feel so much better! Thanks for everything!

Julie R.

Vancouver, BC


Great Tarot reading, gave me so much clarity!

Katerina W.

Vancouver, BC


Thank you Danielle, I waited too long, yet your words of wisdom could not have come at a better time.  I will see you again.

Val S.

Vancouver, BC


I was in a difficult situation , praying for clarity and truth. I was vulnerable and very heavy inside.  I felt immediately safe with Danielle. She was loving, kind and generous.  The reading she gave me empowered me to make an important decision to heal and care for myself, claiming my power as the Goddess that I am.  Thank you Danielle, I am so grateful!