Workshops and Gatherings

Customized Mini Workshops on Magical Salt Spring Island

Are you planning a trip to Salt Spring Island? Let’s work together to create the perfect workshop for you and your small group. Below is a sampling of some of the workshops we can do together to make your journey here something really special. Designed for small groups of women of between 3 and 10 participants. Let me know if your group is bigger, and we’ll talk. Mini workshops are usually between one and three hours. Depending on what you want, rates start at $65 per person per hour. Email me at danielleblackwood with your ideas or if you have any questions.

Depending on the weather, all mini workshops are held on my property, either outside by the fire, with a view of ocean, mountains and forest, or gathered inside at the cozy hearth of my heritage cottage. I am blessed to live on a little piece of paradise, and look forward to sharing it with you.

  • Women’s Mysteries and the Astrology of the Moon
  • Discover the Guiding Goddess Archetypes in your Birth Chart
  • Navigating Your Saturn Return (ages 28-30) and Second Saturn Return (ages 58-60)
  • Customized rites of passage ceremony or guided ritual


Some Past Workshops


"The Descent of the Goddess: 
Finding Our Intuitive Path Through the Underworld"

FULL - Please email me at: if you wish to be put on the waitlist

Saturday and Sunday: October 29th & 30th 2016
Saturday: 7:00-10:00
Sunday: 10:00-12:00
Location: Sacred Mountain Lavender Farm, Salt Spring Island, BC
(This workshop is non-residential)

Join me the weekend before Halloween (Samhain) for an immersive ceremonial experience, as we release and say good bye to old outworn personas, relationships, and phases of our lives that are no longer serving us.  We will do this on the last day of the waning Moon (Saturday, October 29th).  On Sunday morning, we have the only New Moon of the year in the sign of Scorpio, which is all about transformation, regeneration and personal rebirth.  Together, we will align with this potent New Moon, and plant the seeds of our new intentions for the next six months. For this workshop, we will be delving into the story of the goddess Inanna, and her pilgrimage to the Underworld and back.  Through storytelling, sacred astrology, guided meditation, art making, movement and ceremony, we will shed our old skins, and prepare to begin our next chapter. 

"Women's Mysteries and the Astrology of the Moon" 

Long ago, women learned that the rhythms in their own bodies corresponded with the waxing and waning of the lunar cycles, and would have looked up into the night sky with reverence and awe as they perceived the parallel between themselves and the changing face of the Moon.  This was the dawn of women's mysteries and the beginning of the earliest roots of astrology.  The Moon changes sign every two and a half days and can help us plan our daily activities as well as illuminate what is behind our fluctuating moods and desires. Discover what your Moon sign is, and what you need on an emotional level to feel good and take care of yourself.  We will also dive into the meanings of the Moon's phases, and Moon ceremony techniques to align ourselves with the cycles of the Moon to create magic and manifest our goals. This workshop takes place on the Full Harvest Moon in September, as well as an eclipse -  so we'll be doing a special Moon ceremony to make the most of Luna's energy.

The most ancient form of astrology was based on the cycles of the moon ...
Long ago, women learned that the rhythms in their own bodies corresponded with the waxing and waning of the lunar cycles, and would have looked into the deep night sky with reverence and awe, as they perceived the parallel between themselves and the changing face of the moon. The Grandmothers did not need complicated astrological calculations to explain to them that there was a relationship between the heavens and their daily lives. This was the dawn of Women’s Mysteries, and the beginning of measuring time and its qualities, which is the heart of Astrology. The Moon changes signs every couple of days and can help us plan our daily activities as well as illuminate what is behind our fluctuating moods. The position of the Moon in our chart represents our unconscious, our deepest patterns and instinctual selves. It is where we find our emotional security. Discovering the mysteries of the Moon can shed light on family dynamics, our secret motivations, and help us to understand o

Read what participants experienced after attending one of my past workshops:

Danielle helped me put together a fantastic surprise for my girl friends. We had a Sunday workshop where we talked about the power of influence of the moon, and we set our intentions for the next months.  She was always helpful and available to find the best way to interact and make everyone feel comfortable and satisfied. Super recommended, also as a counselor.

Joanna Riquett

Hayo Magazine

Danielle has been writing an Astrology column for Banyen's monthly newsletter for seven years.  She has also offered introductory public talks here providing professional, informative, interactive and fun presentations that are very well received by those attending.  Danielle is very knowledgeable in her field and is truly a pleasure to work with.  I am pleased to recommend her for both her writing and her presentations.

Tanis Phillips

General Manager

Banyen Books and Sound

"Danielle joined us for a team-building exercise at a corporate social event.  She was very professional to deal with but more importantly everyone really enjoyed the experience with her.  She was a great addition to the evening"!


Caralyn Clark
Executive Assistant|
Seaspan ULC

"Danielle Blackwood and Kelly Benson led a fun yet informative ‘Astrology 101’ Lunch and Learn to our staff.  Their passion for Astrology is evident and they provided valuable information on the subject matter.  Danielle and Kelly are excellent presenters and have a great ability to capture their audience.  We would certainly recommend Danielle and kelly to other organizations"! 

Christina Haddrell, BBA, CHRP

Human Resources Assistant
Farris, Vaughan, Wills & Murphy LLP

Danielle and Kelly have a playful, fascinating and intellectual way of sharing their knowledge about Astrology. From participating in multiple sessions with these two it is clearly evident how knowledgeable they are and how deeply they know their craft. It is an absolute pleasure to spend time with these gals and learning from them – they open the doors on this ancient wisdom and practice and show us how we can use it to help understand ourselves. I look forward to future conversations, sessions and workshops with these ladies!

Amy Saini

Program Manager

Vancouver Friends for Life Society