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Your Full Natal Chart: Soul Chart Session


Are you feeling stuck? In transition? Wanting insight about your life purpose?


This is no newspaper "sunsign column". This is Sacred Astrology, an archetypal deep dive into your birth chart, or soul contract. In this empowering session, we will look at your:

  • Strengths, talents and gifts you brought with you into this lifetime
  • Key life lessons
  • Needs in relationship and in life
  • Past life patterns and your soul’s evolutionary intent in this lifetime
  • Guiding Goddess Archetypes in your chart
  • Your year ahead: Insight on right timing for your plans and goals, as well as the deeper meaning and timing of significant rites of passage and initiation cycles on your horizon (also included is a takeaway guide to your upcoming cycles for you to refer to throughout the year)
  • Personalized spiritual/magickal new moon ceremony to support and enhance your intentions for the next six months

1 hour and 30 minutes $225

Tarot and Astrology Combination Session

This is a great follow up session after the Soul Chart session. (Although you can opt for this session on its own as well). Clients often return between six months and a year for a check in after the Full Natal Chart. I typically take into consideration a variety of modalities including the symbolism of the tarot, and any significant astrological cycles you are currently in, or are about to enter for a holistic overview of where you're at and where you are heading. 

One hour 


*** For all Astrology sessions, I will need your birth date (including year) place and time of your birth to cast your chart. Before booking, please click on my Frequently Asked Questions to make sure working together is a good fit for you.

Holistic Counselling Sessions

My goal is to guide you to find meaning on your journey, and re-frame your stories in an inspiring light. My therapeutic approach is person centered, and I draw on my background in Women's Studies. I specialize in working with women and "women's issues": self esteem, sexuality, body image, life transitions, and cultivating a connection with the sacred feminine. I offer guidance in a variety of techniques, including expressive arts practices such as journal writing and mandala making. I also offer guided therapeutic ritual and ceremony by request. 


My aim is to support you where you are at, and if you wish, assist you in formulating personally meaningful new goals to reclaim your inner power and live in accordance with who you came here to be.  Almost all sessions include homework: which can include reading assignments, journaling for self exploration, etc. 

One hour sessions: $105

*** Check with your insurance provider to find out if they cover a portion of my counselling services ***

Tarot Only Sessions

Like astrology, tarot is an ancient symbolic language that can guide us on the next steps of our journey, provide clarity regarding current life situations, and give us insight on our soul’s overall direction. The tarot consists of 78 archetypal images that are each layered with multiple meanings and symbolism. 22 of those cards are called the “major arcana” and depict the journey of the soul from a place of innocence and wonder (The Fool) to the arrival of a state of culmination and consciousness (The World).


The gift of tarot is not to answer the question, “What’s going to happen”? But to show you the likely direction your path will take from where you are at now, so you can empower yourself and choose the wisest course ahead. I am fond of the expression, “nothing is written in stone”, because it isn’t. The future is fluid and changeable, depending on your choices and consciousness at each given moment. The very act of having a tarot reading will alter your consciousness, and open up potential new ideas and directions. The fact is, every day and with everything we do (and don’t do) we are shaping our destiny.

It is important to ask good questions ...

Before you book your session, I encourage you to reflect on what it is you want from your reading. I don’t do readings for entertainment. When you arrive, I will usually ask you if there is a particular area that you want insight on. Alternatively, you can ask the Universe, or your higher consciousness, “What do I need to know right now”? This allows us to get past the surface stuff, and dive into the energetic patterns beneath the surface that it helps to be aware of. What I won’t do is regale you with a barrage of fanciful predictions while you sit back. I will encourage you to be engaged in your session. To ask good questions. Because your future is not written in stone, I find it best to look at the next six months to a year ahead. Because you are constantly shaping your future, looking further ahead can be nebulous at best.

I have been reading the symbolism of the tarot for 32 years, and its poignant insight never fails to amaze me.

Good Questions to ask the Tarot

What do I need to know about …?

What is holding me back from …?

What is the energy around …?

Between these two choices, which is the best for me?

How can I bring the perfect love into my life?

How can I improve my relationship?

What can I do to get my career up and running?


Not so good questions that are rooted in the idea that the future is rigid

How many children will I have?

What does my soulmate look like?

What is he/she thinking? Doing?


Half hour: $60

Full Hour: $100


I hold membership in the following professional organizations:

ACCT (Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada)

CAAE (Canadian Association for Astrological Education)

ISAR (International Society for Astrological Research)

C.G. Jung Society of Victoria